Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Reflections

So, I already gave you the spoiler, but I will say it again because it feels so good...I do not have a brain tumor.

As you know, I have a lot of health issues, and this was not the first time that I contemplated having a shorter life than most. These kinds of experiences change a person. I can't speak for others, of course, but for me I can say it has changed me in positive ways.

I am closer to God than before. There have been many times when I have prayed and said, "I can't do this alone. Please help me or I can't do this." That help comes in different ways, but it always comes.

I am closer to my children and my husband. Every moment is precious to me. I praise the children more, and make a greater effort to spend time with them. When I have to chastize them, for example if they don't do their chores, I stop, think and find a kinder but still firm way to do it.

I care more about people, and but have little patience for contention.

I value time.

These are good things. Life is a good thing.


  1. Yeah this would have been troublesome to have posted online before any results came out. I'm not one to enjoy the feeling of pity. I find that usually most people that I surround myself with wouldn't do that, because they know me, but then again I'd still think they were anyways because I'm me. Maybe I should just not pity myself so much, and let others not pity me too... I'm glad everything turned out okay, and hope maybe your uncinate fits turn to imaginary sugar cookie or baking bread smells, as long as they're not terminal I wouldn't mind those around every once in a while. Maybe I'm just hungry.

  2. One day I hope to be where you are with out so much heartach and pain! I love you and am grateful for the posituve influence you are in my life! Thanks for sharing

  3. must be hungry cause I was thinking flowers, LOL! Love ya!

    Pam, you are a positive influence for me too! Love Ya!


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