Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kalidescope Moments

I love Kalidescopes; I always have. My life right now reminds me of a kalidescope. When I start to feel frustrated because I am not feeling well, I turn the kalidescope or more simply put, I chose to look for things that make me happy. Some kalidescope moments:

Cottonwood seeds: At least I think they are Cottonwood seeds. It's white fluff floating around on the wind. It looks kind of like snow, but it doesn't simply fall down, it floats. Sometimes it floats horizontally, sometimes it floats higher then comes down. I sit in the sun and watch my 3 yr old play and watch the white fluff floating and think that life doesn't get any better.

The Beach: Through Letterboxing, I discovered a new beach (I live in the Seattle area). It reminds me of a place in Anchorage that I loved and have been homesick for. Recently I took my children there with the explanation that I was going to take them to "Mom's Happy Place". What a thrill when my 7 yr old loved it as much as I do. He took off his shoes, walked in the sand and cried out, "Mom, this is the Promised Land!" The only thing better than having a happy place is sharing it!

Ice gel packs: I have inflammation in my shoulder and frequently it aches. I put an ice gel pack on it, and ahhh, life is good.

Music: Not too long ago, I got my first MP3 player. Wow! The right music is like a massage for the spirit. Happy sigh...

Art: One of my favorite things about the Internet is that it brings great art to my fingertips. Whether it is great paintings or beautiful photos, I can get lost in them. When I had the MRI that I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a hard time with my claustrophbia. (Note: yes, I was offered a sedative before hand, but then I would have had to have someone drive me. So I declined.) I almost panicked, but as you can imagine, I really wanted those test results so I "talked" myself through it. One of the things that helped me was picturing in my mind a favorite peace of artwork and imaging myself there. Needless to say, I'm going to get a copy of that to put in my home.

Knitting: I have become an obsessed knitter. When I knit is like the stress flows out of my finger tips leaving me relaxed, and I get to create something at the same time. Bliss! When I am not knitting, I am looking at knitting books or simply thinking about what I will knit next. Knitting is my 'Zen'. I think everyone should have a 'Zen'.

My children: Just talking to them, marveling at the wonderful people they are becoming. When I held my first child as a newborn, I thought "I love this stage." Then he started walking and I thought, "I love this stage." Then he became a Cub Scout, and I thought...well you know. Each stage that has come along so far has been my favorite. It never gets old. Never.

My husband: If I could make a wish for everyone, I would wish for them a happy marraige like mine. Every life brings struggles and sorrows, but it is easier to get through the bad times when one has support. I have the most wonderful husband. His patience, humor and adoration are a Balm of Gilead.

My mind: This is in a sense my best asset because when I can't be in the places I described or with the people I love, I can think about them. In my mind, I can travel passport needed, be with anyone, even those who have died...and no one can take that away.

When I get discouraged about my health, I just turn the Kalidescope to one of these things and life is good again. What more could a girl ask for?

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