Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pollyanna and Eeyore -OR- How I came to be Invincible

Today I want to share a pet peeve of mine and a discovery.

Pet Peeve

Often I hear people talking about being Pollyanna as if it were a bad thing. Urban dictionary defines Pollyanna as a "Belittling and often insulting term for being absurdly optimistic and good-hearted." But if you read the book, you see that is really not what Pollyanna was about. She was about looking for the good in any situation. And why not? Would it be better to have an Eeyore, "woe is me?" attitude?

Pollyanna attitude has saved me from depression many times. I say long live Pollyanna!


Recently I visited one of my many doctors (I have five that I see at least twice a year or more). As he added a few more diagnosis' to my already long list, the question crossed my mind (not for the first time)...why are these things happening to me? Am I cursed or something? (Eeyore attitude comes easily to all of us!)

I decided on "something". I like to think I have some control in my life, and if I cannot control my health issues, I can at least control the way I respond to them. Enter Invincible!!!

I am Invincible! Yes, it fits, and I like it.

No, senility is not one of my medical issues. And no I do not have delusions. I do have abundant Pollyanna attitude! I am invincible precisely because I have faced all these health issues and overcome!

One of the health issues I faced was pulmonary embolii (blood clots in my lungs). Everyone keeps telling me, "that can be fatal!" Yes, I know. And yet I did not die (just in case you were wondering). I have been through the wringer medically (I have had heart, lung, kidney problems, skin cancer and diabetes...to name a few) and I am here to tell the tale! I am alive! I am not disabled, I still work and care for my wonderful children. I get extra pampering from my wonderful-worried husband. And most of the time I am really, really happy.

That makes me invincible, I'm sure of it! Come what may, I'm ready for it!

That is a Pollyanna attitude. Long live Pollyanna! Long live Leslie the Invincible!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dealing with Anxiety

On a message board that I frequent (OK, so they are my second family, LOL!) Someone asked about how to overcome anxiety about the crazy world we live in. As I wrote my reply, I thought that this is a topic that many have experienced and wondered about, so I am sharing here as well.

I am practically an expert in anxiety, LOL! I have had a lot of anxiety the past couple of years over health issues, and financial problems, and then I come on the board. . .LOL!

The best thing to do is pray. Really open your heart to Father. There isn't anything you can tell Him that He doesn't already know, so don't be afraid to tell Him.

There was a time I was very fearful about some health issues. Remembering the quote from Joseph Smith that "Where fear is faith cannot dwell." I was embarrassed to go to the Lord with my fear. A good friend counseled me that praying was precisely what I needed to do. The Lord can help us overcome our fears and replace them with faith.

I think one of the weaknesses most of us face is that we think we need to do it alone. We think we have to be more worthy before we ask for help. That is not the Lord's plan. We are denying the opportunity for the Atonement to work in our lives when we try to do it all ourselves.

I believe one of the main reasons we have adversity is to bring us closer to the Lord. But that won't happen if we try to overcome our fears and anxiety by ourselves.

There is peace that will come into your life when you pour your heart out and invite the Lord in. I know this from experience.

Sometimes the peace does not come immediately, but it will come. Sometimes I have gotten frustrated because I want the peace to come immediately. . .while I am praying. Especially if I happen to be praying in the temple. Occasionally, it comes immediately, but usually it comes a little later. . .so be patient.

Ask and ask again until the peace comes. Then remember to thank Him.

You can do this, you are not alone.