Sunday, May 31, 2009

Denial can be a beautiful thing...May Drama

This was a good day:

Denial can be a beautiful thing.

Probably not always the healthiest course of action, I'm not sure, I'll have to ponder that one...but still a nice break, you know?

I read about metatasized melanoma (just musing if that is what this could be since I have had melanoma) and it was grim. For people who have melanoma spread to the brain, the prognosis is about 1 year or less... Frightening stuff. I think I read too much. Knitting is a better hobby.

But today, I am blissfully in denial. I am fine. I am invincible. I don't know what is causing these obnoxius odors, but I feel good and there is nothing seriously wrong with me...well except for the usual stuff, LOL. No tumors though. Too bad that happens to other people. After last night, I have more compassion about what they must be going through...but I'm sure that is not me.

Yep, denial is beautiful. I'm going to build a cabin and stay here as long as possible.

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