Friday, June 19, 2009

TIES the Limit! Father's Day Tradition

Forgive me this moment of self-indulgence! I have always wanted to take a picture of "The Ties" and share it. While we were making this years tie, it occured to me to share on my blog! What a concept.

Back in the day when I had only two children, I decided to make my sweetheart a tie with the boys handprints on it (that one is not shown here, it's MIA at the moment). Judging by the picture you can guess what happened...he loved it and wanted a new one every year. I told him no, he could only have a new one when we had a new baby. You can see who "won" that discussion since there are seven ties (and a few that are missing) and I 'only' have five children. How could I disappoint a proud dad? Yeah, he actually wears them to church, every Sunday!

I should have put them in better order for you...the third one from the left was probably the second tie ever. Just handprints and one dog print (yep authentic dog print!). After that I started to get more creative. All of them are some variation of handprints and finger painting.

From the left: peacocks, bugs, simple hand prints, snowman, ASL letters spell Family, rabbit feet (my husbands nickname from his Scouts is Rabbit) and this year's creation I call Lion King. Those are the handprints of my two youngest, with finger painting by the older kids. There are more ties than are shown here, for example the fish one showed up mysteriously after the camera was put away. Maype I'll post a picture of it later.

Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband. You are the best. I would choose you to be my children's father again and again!

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