Friday, January 9, 2009

Invincible Leslie's Cape gets caught

So the other day I got an e-mail from my doctor...I love that. I love that I can e-mail my doctor and vice versa, and I love my doctor. Anyway, he was letting me know the results of one of my blood tests. I should have been happy, the results gave us an answer. I hate it when the doctors say that my problem is "idiopathic". No, they don't mean idiotpatient. Idiopathic means "cause unknown". I like to have reasons for things!

Instead of being happy to have an answer (we can scratch idiopathic off that problem at least), I was dismayed, befuddled, disoriented.

Remember in The Incredibles (you HAVE seen it haven't you?!) where Edna Mode tells Mr. Incredible that she won't make outfits with capes because they are dangerous? That is how I if my Leslie the Invincible cape got caught in a fan and pulled in.

I am feeling better now. Not quite so invincible, but getting there. So why mention it? Because I want to be honest. It would be wrong to pretend that my health issues do not sometimes fill me with fear and dread. I have said this before, but it is worth repeating. It is ok to be afraid sometimes. The goal, for me at least, is not to let the fear overcome you, or move in to live with you. Take that fear to the Lord, He has big shoulders.

Prayer and introspection are helping me get my cape unstuck. Leslie the Invincible will fly again soon.


  1. "Idiotpatient" I like that!

    *tee hee hee*

    I know how you feel!!!!


  2. Thanks Pili! Good to "see" you!


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