Friday, January 2, 2009

The Agony of the Gym

So today I went back to the gym (thanks Shawna!). It was grueling; I almost didn't make it.

The agony was not from the walking thing...mental hiccup, what's that word?...treadmill yes that's it. Not from the treadmill, not from the bicycle, certainly not from the stair climber...just looking at that thing makes my muscles ache.

No, the torture was my own pride! Seriously! It is hard to waddle in there in my Pillsbury Dough Girl body and exercise with all those people who look like they could star their own exercise DVD. Ack. But I did it!!! Score one for the pleasantly plump people everywhere. I didn't burn off any pounds (yet), but I gave that pride monkey on my back a good slap!

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