Friday, February 22, 2013

True Confessions II

Uh oh!  There was no school this week, yay!  But being away from my normal schedule (and weathering a bout of nasty stomach bug that plowed through my family. . .) I almost forgot to blog this week!  Yikes, we can't have that!  So I'm pulling a busy blogger trick and presenting you something from the archives...but to assuage my guilt (yes, I have guilt about everything), I will add something new.

You've heard stories about harried parents leaving a child behind right?  I think we have all heard those and swore to ourselves that we would never do that--until we do.  Well, I confess I have done it a couple times, sigh.  It was usually just a matter of leaving one behind at a friend's house while loading up the others...but once, horror of horrors, I actually left my daughter at a stranger's house!

A post about "confessions" needs a fun picture.  Isn't she adorable?

That needs explanation, right?  Here's what happened.  She was 13, and had plans to spend some time with a girl, whose family our family was well acquainted with.  The father was/is my husband's dentist.  I knew the mom and other some of the children from our homeschool co-op. My daughter, Vienna, and my teenage boys were friends with the girl, Vienna was going to hang out with.  So I felt very comfortable with Vienna spending time there.

The trouble resulted because neither Vienna or I had ever been to their house.  Vienna googled their address, and I drove her over.  I work graveyard shift and it was my bedtime, so I just drove her up to the house and waited while she went to the door and knocked.  She was invited in and I drove away.

The battery on my cell phone was low so I turned it off to save energy for emergencies (like if I was in an accident and needed to call 911.)  Meanwhile, Vienna had been invited into the house and told by the dad that "the girls are outside swimming".  So Vienna went outside and found the girls...trouble was, she didn't know any of them!  There was a misunderstanding, and she was at the wrong house.  When she told them who she was trying to see, they said they got the same mix up with mail and packages all the time. 

So she borrowed their phone and called me on my cell, which of course was turned off--for emergencies.  Oh my.  When I got home, my son met me in the driveway and told me that Vienna had called and explained the situation.  I was mortified.  I got the phone number and headed back to pick her up...a 15 minute drive.  I was scared to death, and yet I was exhausted too. 

Someday when I am on my death bed, Vienna will probably still tease me about our phone conversation.  I asked her if she was alright, was she scared?  I assured her I was on my way and then said, "I am so tired." 

She says, "I was stranded at a stranger's house and your response is you're tired?!"   

What can I say?  One of my less stellar parenting moments all the way around!

Now, for my other confessions...I hope they bring you a smile...

I have gone to Dairy Queen, right after working out at the gym (I know, I know)

I love Jane Eyre but I'm bored by Jane Austen.

I would give a stranger the shirt off my back, but I wouldn't give my last piece of chocolate to my own child...

I have a thing for rogues...I particularly love Captain Jack.

I hate the color orange. My Bishop has an orange tie and everytime I see him sitting in front of the congregation wearing it, I just want to have Dart Practice!

Sometimes I listen to my music louder than my teenagers do. They are very embarassed by this...they say it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't do it while driving a mini-van...

Don't leave me hanging...share one of your embarrassing moments, or a confession.  You'll feel better!


  1. LOL. My family used to leave me at church all the time. Night-time sacrament service meant it was not too bad, I would just go to someone's house (they would call and tell my parents where I was) until evening... a ton of kids needing 2-3 cars to get to church and you can understand why it happened, at least monthly..LOL

    Embarrassing moments:

    *breaking my arm babysitting when I was 16
    *telling a teacher off when I was 16 (he was saying that my step-mother should be at home taking care of me when I was the youngest)
    *having an ovarian cyst rupture in class (again I was 16) and sitting in a pool of blood, there were 3 girls in the class (same one as above) AND I sat with my boyfriend!!!
    *telling a janitor it was ok to come in my hospital room (I thought it was a nurse) while I was half naked and pumping after my gallbladder surgery, I felt bad for the guy
    *there are too many others to mention :)

    (what was it with me and being 16... )

  2. I have the self preservation habit of forgetting embarrassing experiences quickly after they happen. However, my children are great at remembering and retelling stories on me. One that comes up every time we play the card game "Nertz" is that a few years ago while we were playing that game with some missionaries after dinner, the Elder seated to my right called Nertz! (which means the play has to stop and he just won) just a split second before I did. I jumped up and roared at him in frustration. My family now warns anyone new who joins us in this game that I might just lose it, so watch out.


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