Saturday, April 21, 2012

Princess Leslie

The thought came to me one day, "what if my life were a fairy tale?" (sleep deprivation is my best explanation for this...)
I would be a beautiful princess. Hey, it's my fairy tale, you didn't think I would be the wicked witch, did you? So I would be the Princess.

There's no wicked step-mother, but there would be all sorts of obstacles to overcome...dangerous pits of despair like in Neverending Story, getting lost like Hansel and Gretel, and of course, a fire breathing dragon like Sleeping Beauty. 
Instead of a fairy Godmother, I have a therapist, and some really great friends. (Wonderful support to be sure.) I don't get to sleep through my story like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) did...though a nap sounds nice right now. Can I spin straw into gold? I suppose not, but I can do some fun things with words.

There's no Prince Charming in my story. Don't misunderstand me, there is a wonderful Prince, very handsome and brave (my husband has been a great support to me). Alas, my challenges can't be solved by a handsome prince with a white horse and a sword. After all, the dragon is inside of vanquishing it with a sword could be...well, disastrous.

One day my Therapist Fairy God Mother and I were discussing the Dragon.

"What does the dragon want?"  he asked.

Without hesitation, I said, "he wants to be loved just like we all do."

Great, a fire breathing dragon that wants to be problem. Ugh.

Beauty did 'conquer' the Beast by falling in love with him, but somehow I don't that will work for me. What if I give the dragon a new name, like Rumplestillskin? No? clothes like the Emperor?  Yikes, no! Click my heels and repeat "there's no place like home."  Probably not.

Will there be a Happily Ever After to my story?   Stay tuned, we'll figure it out together.


  1. I'm waiting, finish the story already.......

  2. I'm waiting, finish the story already.......


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