Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why I love my Therapist

Therapy is serious business and it can be really hard work.  But there is...a lighter side.

Why I love my Therapist...

Who else would listen to me "yammer on" for an hour at a time, week after week and not fall asleep?

Who else would nod and say, "So you are mad that the dog chewed up your favorite shoes."  He really gets me!

I tell him things that I think are crazy (you would too if I told you!) but he assures me that I am not crazy.  That is worth the cost of therapy right there!  (Psst, tell me again that I am NOT crazy and I will tip you an extra $20.)

I tell him about nightmares that I am certain reveal me to be a pyschopath in embryo, and he doesn't suddenly declare his retirement and refer me to another therapist.

I talk, he listens.  He doesn't judge.  He is always there.  He never seems to get tired of listening to me.

What would I do without him?  I guess I could get a dog...come to think of it, that would be cheaper...but a dog couldn't say, "You are not crazy.  What happened to you was crazy.  Your response is normal." 

Yeah, I love my Therapist.


  1. Sounds like a great therapist. How do I find one that will actually make time for me?

  2. Yeah, you know, I wrote this in fun, but my therapist is seriously awesome. Shall I e-mail you his office number? Your job alone would give you plenty to talk about. :)

  3. Who couldn't use someone like this in his/her life. It sounds like Heaven, Les. :)

  4. Holly, yes! That's why I always say that everyone can benefit from therapy!

  5. Ok, I totally need someone like that... Are you willing to give up the name??

  6. Ah. Therapists. I have just sacked mine cos she is desperately inept.
    Dont you ever worry about all this attention and care being fake?

    I am not trying to spoil what you have, just wondering whether I am the only one who is not so easily pleased?

  7. Sue, LOL! Yes, I will send it to you privately.

    Unmothered Child, I hear you. I met a couple therapists (only one or twice) before I met my current one. I honestly think either of them would have been very, very wrong for me. Maybe you just haven't met the right therapist yet? I think as Survivors of abuse we have pretty good instincts about people (sometimes we unconsciously choose people that will perpetuate the pain we are used to unfortunately). I believe my therapist is genuine...not just by what he says but sometimes his facial expression says more than his words. And those facial expressions speak compassion to me. I do understand your caution though, I really do.

  8. Appreciate your post here. Sounds like you t. is a good one. Blessings.

  9. Just Be Real, you are right, I feel very fortunate to have found him.

  10. If I was your therapist Leslie, I’ll certainly be glad to have read this post. Actually, we have the same sentiments. I see therapists as our best friends. They are our personal outside confidante. All the counseling she’s doing for me and her eagerness to help me get through my dilemmas is what I really admire about my therapist. By the way, are you still seeing your therapist?

  11. Hi Tyler! Thanks for commenting. Therapist are amazing people, who else could sit and listen to other people's problems all day, and really care about them?!

    Yes, I am still seeing the same therapist. He's awesome.

  12. I hear you, Leslie! Everyone needs an empathic, honest, and caring friend to vent out their emotions and dilemmas – and that person can be our therapist. I’m so grateful to have found my therapist. She is a great listener and never complains; instead, she helps me light up during my bad hair days. =)


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