Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Writer's Block

Amazing how the simple act of creating a blog could give me an attack of Writer's Block. After all these years of writing, I thought I was immune to that malady. But alas there are no vaccinations for this sort of plague.

In the past I have, carelessly (as we are prone to do when we think someone else's problems are simple) said, "Just start writing." Not so simple when YOU are the one facing the dragon.

The dragon? Yes, the dragon of fear and self-doubt. For that is the cause of writer's block. What if no one likes what I write? What if they laugh? And most terrifying of all, if I write what is important to me, and it is rejected is that a rejection of me, as well. Even the most brave knight would pause before accepting that quest.

And yet, boldly I go forth to face the dragon. Ha, I say boldly, because you can't see my hands frozen above the keyboard. And yet I must accept the quest. The alternative, cowardice, is a demon to hideous to behold.

On guard dragons!

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